AET France a Bureau Veritas Company General Testing

General Testing


  • Measure, quantify, qualify, monitor, validate quality, performance and shelf life
  • Ability to create bespoke protocols tailored to the desired approach, integrating the measurement and evaluation of every type of parameter and adapted to every budget
  • Ability to transform assessments into recommendations for improvement
  • Our quality system follows the rules of the ISO 17025 standard thereby guaranteeing the accuracy of our measurements.


  • All Electrical and EMC safety tests on every type of consumer and professional electrical product
  • Electronic and electrical measurement: voltage, frequency, capacitances, resistances, power and energy consumption
  • Measurement of electrical cable diameters
  • Testing all voltages, all frequencies (Japan, United States, Brazil, etc.)
  • Dielectric strength, earth continuity, insulation resistance, leakage current.
AET France a Bureau Veritas Company Flame Test


  • Tests in climatic chambers with programmable temperature (from -50°C to 1000°C) and humidity
  • Thermal Shock
  • Moisture resistance tests
  • Salt spray tests to assess the corrosion resistance of materials
  • Measurement and temperature analysis at the infrared camera
  • Testing of flammability and resistance to plastic fires (glow wire, needle flame, etc.)
  • Measurement of brightness, noise
  • Temperature measurements, heating, black corner tests
  • UV resistance
  • X-ray for non-destructive fault analysis of products
  • Resistances and holding of markings
  • Collection of samples and controlling of chemical, bacteriological and biological analyses with our neighbouring COFRAC partner laboratory.


  • Measurement of forces, torque, speed, breaking strengths
  • Testing of the torsional strength of cables
  • Electric and thermal engine test bench (MAGTROL bench)
  • Impact testing
  • Pressure measurement and pressure testing
  • Leakage test
  • Multiple benches and automated endurance robots to simulate the life of components, sub-assemblies, finished products or applications, fault analysis, root cause search and action plan development
  • Consumer endurance (semi-automated or manual)
  • Dimensional measurement and capability.


  • Functional verification of software embedded products or applications
  • Analysis of defects on products from returned markets for the implementation of quality improvement plans
  • Analysis of products from claims or customer disputes.
  • Risk analysis according to identified defects and determination of market occurrence
  • Creation of a performance evaluation protocol for any type of product (benchmark or absolute measurement)
  • Development of customer or standardised testing devices
  • Support for the creation of test laboratories, identification of needs, research of appropriate measurement and testing facilities, negotiation, implementation and training of teams
  • Development of instrument and test procedures
  • Quality inspection: intervention on customer site, on stock, at port, at supplier sites and factories
  • Accompanying the laboratories involved in the quality process
  • Consulting in metrology
  • Trials with legal calibre for specialist assessment rulings and/or marketing claims.